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Your team will collaborate with you
to make your wedding or event a celebration of your unique style 
An Affaire of the Heart is a wedding and event planning company in southern California with more than two decades of industry experience.

Our focus is in Orange County and Palm Springs, with an emphasis on destination weddings and events. We strive to create an extraordinary wedding or event, whether it be a small, intimate occasion with close friends and family or a lavish international destination wedding or event with an acclaimed guest list.

We provide exceptional service with the ability to guide you through the design, planning and execution processes of your wedding or event. Your team will collaborate with you to transform your vision into an elegant design aesthetic to make your wedding or event a celebration of your unique style.

Experience. Excellence. Extraordinary. Imagine the possibilities.
Founder, Wedding Planner and Creative Director

Ken has more than two decades of establishing industry relationships with recognized service providers in the wedding and event industry and has extensive experience in estate management, floral design, fashion design, interior design, hospitality management and the culinary arts. Ken has a strong creative vision and impeccable organizational skills and is able to offer advice when a client is considering a destination wedding or event. Ken resides in Orange County and divides his time between Orange County, Palm Springs and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Wedding and Event Coordinator, Designer

Larry has a strong creative vision that allows him to effortlessly incorporate modern styles and concepts into our client weddings and events. Our clients consistently recognize his attention to detail, innate problem-solving skills and confident, approachable demeanor. Larry resides in Orange County and has been a member of our team for eight years.

Wedding and Event Designer, Assistant

Rocio is organized, creative and enthusiastically assists you and your team. Our clients always appreciate Rocio’s organization, meticulous attention to detail, creative imagination and contagious enthusiasm. Rocio resides in Orange County and is the newest member of our team.